CIMERS Video Resources

The CIMERS YouTube channel features at-sea and underwater videos created by OSU-CIMERS investigators during research expeditions in cooperation with the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory's Earth-Oceans Interactions program and the University of Washington's CICOES.

OSU-CIMERS contributes to a holistic understanding of the oceans by exploration and research on hydrothermal vents and methane seeps, and their unique chemosynthetic biological communities. This includes ecosystem characterization, resource assessment, environmental observation, and technology development.

A black and white image of the rocky Oregon coastline with the words, "Ocean Acidification" written over the image

Oregon is ground zero for ocean acidification impacts--glimpse the science, impacts and information gaps behind ocean acidification.

The opening title of a video with a deep ocean underwater scene with the words Coastal Remote Sensing.

Coastal protection is a priority for researchers. Here, they employ remote sensing to better understand coastal hazards.

A mechanical arm underwater grabs rocks.

It is oftentimes difficult to visually discern the difference between black basaltic/silicic rock and the mats without investigation.