Our Impact

Climate Change & Fisheries

  • Inform and enable predictions on impact of climate change on fisheries sustainability.
  • Inform assessment of economic futures of Chinook salmon fishery given climate change predictions.
  • Inform human diet threats owing to climate change via ocean acidification research.

Animal & Human Behavior

  • Inform other animal and human behavior research via findings of Kemp’s Ridley turtle, Hake stock assessment and seabird bycatch.

Global Economy

  • Influence on economic futures for national and global societies through fishery ocean acidification, marine bioacoustics, extreme weather, temperature and climate.
  • Economic planning for human and marine natural ecosystem futures through human dimensions research associated with valuing natural infrastructure, given sea-level rise and flood risks.

Workforce Development

  • Incubate unique human resources for vibrant citizenry and leadership in the marine and atmospheric arena.
  • Create a skilled workforce capable of developing and maintaining innovative marine technologies.

Precise Positioning Assessment

  • Inform precise position assessment in remote habitats, such as freshwater lakes, terrestrial systems, and space via seafloor processes.