CIMERS is a NOAA Cooperative Institute.

We conduct cutting-edge marine transdisciplinary research that supports NOAA's mission, goals and strategic initiatives while training the next generation of marine scientists to advance basic knowledge about ocean ecosystems.

A school of salmon swim in a tight group.

CIMERS investigators study marine species distribution, aquaculture, marine ecosystems and habitats, strategies to protect and restore marine resources, and how marine animals work, evolve, and adapt.

A hand holds a oyster shell.

Understanding how ocean conditions influence the Earth's climate and monitoring changes in ocean conditions are key to predicting climate change stressors and developing strategies to enhance resilience.

An illustration of a whale underwater and a boat traveling above. A circle near the whale indicates the area sounds is heard and how loudly.

A diverse team of oceanographers, biologists and engineers are collaborating on various topics in underwater ocean sounds and developing new tech and methods to improve recording capabilities.